"You have been kind, understanding, and insightful. You listen well, and your understanding of life, as well as your experience in various parish settings, provides a firm basis for you to be of help. You have helped me discern the simple action steps to accomplish the tasks I have articulated, and they have worked! Thank you!"

~ Rev. Les Walck, Colfax Lutheran Church -- ELCA

"A previous story that I would tell myself is that I can do this! And it often meant that I can do this alone. Thank heavens, I don’t live through that story anymore. I find that obstacles are softer and more easily identified and managed with the help of a coach and a community. Paul Oppedahl listens very well and enters the conversation with sharp questions that provide direction for my thinking. “Are we accomplishing what you wanted today?” “That sounds like a complex project....”. When I compose my response, I re-enter the conversation with more clarity and focus for where I will go in advancing my goals."

~ Jill Christopherson, Eau Claire City Council

“It is a delight to work with Paul. His insightful questions and gentle coaching have helped me to examine my commitments and priorities and restore a more thoughtful and satisfactory balance to my busy life. I am very grateful for Paul’s work with me.”

~ Paul Savides, Retired English Teacher and volunteer community organizer for J.O.N.A.H. of the Chippewa Valley