Become Your

Best Self

A Calling to Become Your Best Self...

This is an Invitation to Personal Coaching.

Personal Coaching is an opportunity to partner with someone in a thought provoking and creative process to inspire you to maximize your personal or professional potential.

If you are ...

  • Leading in uncharted territory whether that be in a new career, in a new role in your present position, or in your personal and professional life in general;

  • Trying to navigate how to be your best self as you work, play, and live with others;

  • Serving as your own coach and it doesn't quite evoke the forward momentum you desire;

  • Unsure of how to be or what to do in the present context in which you find yourself;

  • Undergoing a transition, whether expected or unexpected, either professionally or personally;

... and you would like to work towards being your best self in these situations, then let's consider a partnership to break free of the doldrums that keep you from your success.

What we will do together: Our first session is free. We will begin to build a foundation towards becoming your best self. This starts with:

  • Getting acquainted

  • Clarifying some values

  • Building a rapport

  • Setting a couple simple goals

A single session can be helpful, while multiple sessions are likely to get you to where you want to be. My preferred number of minimum sessions is four. As we move forward, our conversations during each session will involve:

  • Clarify your goals

  • Assess your challenges

  • Explore your options

  • Choose your way forward

What is it worth to you to become your best self?